Top 6 Awesome Things To Do For Your Miami Getaway

things to do in miami

Miami is popularly known as an amazing vacation destination catering people coming from all around the world. Miami offers a wide variety of options for your stay and the fun activities you are willing to experience. Whether you decide to stay at humble Miami budget inns or if you’re interested in experiencing beautiful Miami villa rentals, you’ll still be able to witness the uniqueness of this city through the exciting activities it offers.

Without further ado, Historia del Piccolo will share some of the things you should never miss out on if you find yourself in the city of Miami. Whether alone, with family, or with friends, all these activities are top on the list.

Hit the Waves.

If you’re into beaches and waves, Miami is the perfect place for you. This city is rich with fun and unique water sports and activities that will surely take tourists for a ride of their life. Airboat adventures, speedboat thrillers, and even offshore fishing are just some of the activities you can do at the beach. And if you simply prefer staying at the sandy shores, Miami’s beaches won’t disappoint you either. Some of the best must-try beaches are South Beach and Haulo Beach Park.

Try out Cuban food.

With its Cuban influence, Miami allows tourists to experience a life with a touch of Cuban magic. This is through the help of the cigar shops and Cuban cafes sprawled all over Little Havana. Indeed, one great activity for your stay at Miami is tasting amazing Cuban food from cafes and restaurants surrounding the city.

Stroll around Lincoln Road.

If you’re interested in hitting boutiques, snacking, and sipping on espresso, Lincoln Road might be one of the perfect places you should drop by during your Miami adventure. This endless road of shops will definitely supply a lot of fun activities while you stroll around the area.

shopping at lincoln road

Drop by botanical gardens and zoos.

Another great way to spend your day in the city of Miami is by visiting botanical gardens and zoos such as Fairchild Botanical Garden and Jungle Island.  Witnessing the wide array of flowers and beautiful animals will definitely make you feel one with with nature. This activity may be perfect for families.

Experience the nightlife.

If you’re travelling with friends and you want some wild adventure then you might like this suggestion the best. Miami’s nightlife is one that you will truly want to have a taste of. Partying all night until dawn is a common scene in Miami’s clubs. Even famous celebrities such as the Kardashians and recently, Blac Chyna, drop by Miami for some booze and party. You definitely should not miss out on this as well.

Visit Museums.

If you, your family, or your friends are into arts, Miami will not disappoint. Miami has lots of art museums which cater to visitors. Check out Perez Art Museum, among many others, to see art collections of famous artists.


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